Small Still Voice


Written Thursday, ‎January ‎5, ‎2017, ‏‎8:37:28 AM

We are remodeling our little house here in Vegas. The drywaller and plumber were here this morning. Once they were finished, I went out to run overdue errands. I put in Hidden in My Heart which one of my favorite CD’s into the player. The gentle cadence of this music relaxes me and helps me focus on God. I sure needed it!

This song, written and produced by Scripture Lullabies, is based on Psalm 46:10. “Be still, and know that I am God.” I was singing along with Still Small Voice while parking my car at Smith’s.
Once I went inside, I realized that once again I had forgotten the pharmacy closes from 1:30-2pm to ensure the pharmacist gets a break.

Humming Still Small Voice…. “Lord, I am longing to know you more. So I will listen…ever listen for Your still small voice.” Then I feel it in my spirit,
“Just look around for a few minutes until the pharmacy opens back up.”
I head for the back of the grocery store using an unfamiliar aisle to reach the clearance section. Just before reaching the clearance area, I see they have a dust pan for $1.49. Score! I just was saying yesterday that I needed to get a second one for the garage.

Thank you God for guiding me down this aisle!

Then onto the fun markdown section, I go. Smith’s marks the price down for slow selling items or damaged packages and I love a great deal. I find a huge bag of our favorite peppermints for $1. Nice! Then I see a lone 60 watt appliance light bulb for $1. It’s package mate must have been broken.

Lord, you blow me away. You care about the little things.

I had went to Ace Hardware before the grocery and their light bulbs were going to cost $15 for one LED light bulb. Too expensive for my taste. I only needed one small shaped bulb for my new bathroom ceiling fan-heater- light combo that the electricians installed yesterday.

Lord, you care for me. You care for the little things of my life. You guided me to that one special package of the odd light bulb and saved me money in the process.

Don’t you know that the pharmacy was opening the exact moment the cashier handed me my change. I was first in line and was waited on immediately at the pharmacy. I was in and out of the store in 20 minutes and had a new dustpan to boot.

God, you create time in my life by guiding me and meeting my needs. Thank you God for watching over me!

Sebring Halloween


October 31, 2017

We are getting settled into the gentle life Sebring, FL provides. Even so, there are still boxes everywhere in our new house. We even had to clear the entryway to open the door for the anticipated trick or treaters. Mike told me that he heard our neighborhood is a very popular spot for the kids.

It is the first time we have ever had many trick or treaters. I have already lost count and determined we did not buy enough candy.

Spiderman, Princesses galore, ghosts, gunshot victims, cowboys, nerds, plus scary big ones, teens-2 boys together-which kind of freak me out.

It is their size and development age standing before me causes this uncomfortable feeling. Ouch, I am triggered; it is guttural. I choose to put my feelings aside. I must not think about it. I am having trouble answering the door. I am so glad and blessed that Michael is here with me. I am facing my fear. I have calmed my pulse and returned my focus to living in the present.

Thank you, God!

Mike is playing haunted house music for greater the effect. It’s 7:24 pm and we are beginning to watch Ender’s Game. I am feeling my feelings tonight. When the yellow team “took off” I could remember the bodily sensations of the apex a roller coaster and how my adrenaline would take off. There was a sharp intake of my breath. Then I let it go. It is interesting how my mind can recreate sensations just from my thoughts.

Oh no! We have less than 10 pieces of candy left. I was a bit wigged out from being triggered and had asked Michael to not leave me here to go buy more.

It is now 8:08 pm. We have turned the lights off. No more candy left. Mike bought a large quantity. We had guests for nearly an hour before we ran out of candy.

We may have had 40 or more. Maybe 50. I started giving 3 away to each one for several rounds. About fifteen minutes into the parade of kids, I backed off and gave just 2 pieces to each kid.

November 1, 2017

By counting pieces of candy purchased from the empty bags, I was able to create an estimate of 100 guests last night. How fun!

I learned this morning that Golf Hammock, our subdivision, is a favorite trick or treat spot. The lady at the YMCA told me that she only had 400 this year, down from 800 last year. She credits the sharp decline to it being a school night, conflicts with other cities hours; and additionally, Halloween was originally canceled due to all the Hurricane Irma debris.

Wow! This news opened my eyes! We will be better prepared next year.